Saturday, September 3, 2011

Laundry room make over

When Rodney was out of town at the end of July, I needed something to keep me busy (like 4 kids home with me all day wasn't enough), so I decided it was time for another room make over. After this room and aside from the 2 kids rooms upstairs, I only have the living room left to make over. I had bought this color "Honey" when we first bought the house to use in the family room but decided on something else at the last minute so it's just been sitting in the garage the past year and a half begging to be use. I only had a gallon so it was perfect for this hallway/laundry room space. I wish I would have taken before pictures but I always forget to do that.
 This is when I just wasn't sure of the color and really not sure if I wanted to continue it down the hallway.
 I ended up really liking the color when I woke up the next morning and went down to look at it with fresh eyes. After I fell in love, I finished up the hallway and then the day after that began the decorating.
 My friend Christine gave me a piece of her wallpaper boarder that she had left over after putting it up in her laundry room so I "fussy cutted" it and made myself to pieces of art work.
 The cornice board above the window was there before and is actually a hunter green, but when we first moved in I took it down and stapled on my laundry room fabric I had so that went back up along with the bonnets one of which I made and the other is a family heirloom.

 Got up my family heirloom wash board, my art work my aunt bought me when she came to visit me and a few other fun things. I found my round basket at Joann's on clearance for $1.97. I saw it and knew it needed to go in my laundry room but didn't quite know what for. It now holds my stain remover and liquid fabric softener.
In this laundry room everything has it's place and I made the absolute best of the space I have. This room is so small but one that I use just as much as the kitchen with the size of family I have so I have to have it organized and space used wisely. I have accomplished that and I'm excited about it.


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Thanks woman! It means a lot. Hey, I'm redoing my upstairs bathroom and would love a mural of a willow tree, the primitive style. :)