Saturday, September 3, 2011

A few fun new things

I was on one of my many browses through the Crow's Nest in town (I LOVE that store) and saw this cabinet, then saw the price and thought to myself "this will be mine". I then texted a picture to my husband to show it to him and explained what I would use it for if we had it. Told him the price, he told me to come down $10 from the price and if they would we could buy it. We brought it home a few days later. I love it and it fit in this corner perfect. It now holds, on top, all the canned goods I've been canning which is much more than whats in this picture now and the bottom holds all my canning tools/supplies. I have also done the decorations on top a bit different. I love this piece! I have also sat at the counter of it and peeled my apples. It is just so functional

 During a different Crow's Nest trip, I found this super cute reproductive vintage looking marshmallow tin and for only $2. I knew right off it would hold my sugar perfect.

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