Sunday, May 29, 2011

Some more wedding pictures

Ok, so my grandpa sent me some pictures he took of the wedding and so I'm going to share them with all of you.

This is my Uncle Joe playing and singing while guests were arriving.
 This is my Uncle John and Tom before the wedding began.
 I love the look of anticipation on Tom's face. Dakotah and I at this point were walking down the stairs/isle so I'm sure he was getting super excited for his beautiful bride to come down next.
 The kiss! :)
 Mr. and Mrs. Kincaid! The shawl around my mom was put around her durring their ceremony. It's a tartan and is the Kincaid clan colors and Tom put it around her to signify her becoming part of the Kincaid clan. It was cool!
 My Aunt Marlene and my Oma (in the red). My Oma wore her red cape to cover up her big rods in her wrist.
 It seems to be so difficult to get this many people to look at the camera all at once so you get what looks like me scolding my kids :).
 Once again, asking a lot of this many people to look all at once but this one is of the couple and their kids which I need my family to fill in my mom's side or I'd be a loner :).
 My Oma's favorite song is Brown Eyed Girl so we requested it for her, I wheeled her out on the dance floor and we all danced around her while she shimmied in her chair and sang her song. It was one of the high lights of the night for me!
 This is 4 of the 5 of my Oma's kids. Left to right: Uncle Joh (5), Aunt Marlene(1), my momma(4) and Uncle Joe(3).
The first dance. I LOVE how happy and intimate my mom looks in this picture. She was beaming and at the same time passionate. I'm sure there will be more to come once the photographer gets us our picture cd. I heard from her there are lots of great ones of my family, apparently we were the most popular and entertaining of the evening. :)

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