Friday, April 8, 2011

Guest room/Rodney's den redo

We have guests coming for Easter and I was tired of the taxi cab yellow we let our teenager pick out for this room when we moved in. I was so excited when Rodney told me I could have at it in this room and redo it. Walmart had this cute plaid wall paper boarder that I fell in love with, on clearance so I bought it as my inspiration. This room is kind of hard to take pictures of so all I got was one shot before and after of the same corner.
 Good bye needing to wear my sunglasses at night and......
hello peaceful, inviting and so pretty new look. I have since these pictures were taken, made a bed skirt, hung up some pieces of art that were painted by my grandfathers as well as a wall hanging I stitched all last year and finished at my retreat this February. This is such a better look and such a nice room. Rodney, when we don't have guests, gets to escape to this room and shut the door to do all his school work. It is being used a lot more efficiently now.

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Christina said...

i wanna see the art by your grandfather and you! oh and the pretty bed skirt! :) i'm really impressed w/ the difference the color made in the room! Great job Nicole!