Wednesday, February 2, 2011


30, I can't believe it's here! I don't feel any different and it didn't bother me in any way and my husband did a fantastic job of making it amazing! He started by letting me open my present early which was a Kitchen Aide Artisan mixer, LOVE IT! Then Friday night ofhe took me to Fort Wayne for dinner at Red Lobster (I've never been but man my 1 1/2 lb of crab was amazing), then we got to stay in a hotel for the night while our friends watched our kiddos. So nice to have time alone to giggle, hang out and talk with out kid interuption!
 Saturday I got to open another present, season 8 & 9 of Little House on the Prairie. YAY! Now here is the crazy thing......he apparently was trying to keep me up super later Saturday night but I wasn't cooperating. I went to bed about 11 and he followed me. Well then he gets up to make tea cause he forgot to have some before bed. I in the mean time fall asleep. He comes barreling up the stairs and in a very concerned tone informs me that someone just pulled into our drive way (like someone was coming to break in). I freak out, he goes down stairs and I hear the screen door open and say "are you serious, they are actually going to try to come in our house?!". I then hear him open the door and start whispering to someone which at this moment i'm getting mad at him cause I'm freaked out. My mom comes up the stairs....SURPRISE! Her and Tom came into town to surprise me and spend my birthday with me. How exciting! Monday came (my official birthday) and my momma bought me a Strawberry Shortcake cake. It was yummy and such a great birthday! Sneaky man of mine, and momma!



Nicole! These are some great photos of you!

Melynda Hache' said...

Nicole, you look like you were just glowing on your 30th! I hope I look as fabulous and happy as you do! Love you!

Nicole said...

Aww, thank you ladies! I so appreciate the comments. Melynda, I am so sure you will! Love you too.

Love you too CJ!