Thursday, April 1, 2010

Enjoying the Weather

A few weeks ago we had our first break of nice spring like weather even though it was still winter. We of coarse took advantage of this weather and spent as much time as possible outside playing and working. Madi and I one day decided to head out to clean up our flower beds. Now we moved in in November so we aren't sure what our yard has to offer but we are very excited to find out.
First we headed up to the front of the yard and raked out leaves and dead parts of plants. I also was having an issue with the bed around the mail box not having any definition really, it just ran into the grass. Well, nothing a bunch of rocks found in various places around our yard wouldn't cure.

I just love how it turned out and the definition it has now as it's own lovely place. Looking forward to seeing the yellow flowers that are a part of the plant around the mail box (I found a plant steak in one of the plants). Madi and i also planted some Daisy seeds (today since it's so warm and nice), hope they come up.

Next, there was a bed in the back right outside our slider door that also just blended into the grass. We had a pile of bricks used to build our house, way out in our back yard so I hauled them up in the wheel barrow, dug a trench around the bed and laid my bricks in then filled in any spaces I needed to. This picture was taken when I was about half done. It turned out great! In the last week we have found some very interesting things starting to grow that I have no clue what they are. More surprises!

The next two pictures are 2 more beds in our back yard. The first one I still haven't put in a boarder but yet again, it needs it and I want one. More bricks will be coming up from the back but I'll have to get my boys to help me. They are so strong and this mama's back will go out if I push it too much. The other bed has a boarder (yeay, less work). Both beds have plants in them that I am waiting with delight to see what they have to offer. One bed has roses I know for sure and I'm happy my grandma will be here next month to give me some yard lessons.

We are loving our spring weather and so much so that today we get to have all the windows opened to bring in that fresh clean spring air smell into my house, as well as in my laundry that I hung out this morning. Love that smell! I will post pictures of all the beds as they bloom into what ever they are.

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