Thursday, March 11, 2010

SPRING is on it's way!

I don't have any pictures for this post but I'm kind of tired of waiting for something to happen where I have pictures in order to post. We had a beautiful week this week with weather that started in the 50's that hit the high 60's in the middle of the week then dropped back down a bit and we are now expected to have a few rumbbly nights with thunder storms. I now have a head full of congestion since I apparently am allergic to season changes, go figure. I spent a lot of time outside this week and I'm sure that didn't help but boy did it feel good. We ( the boys helped not by volunteer or anything) pulled out some dead stuff in various flower gardens around the yard that we didn't get to when we were moving in and I trimmed back quite a few plants or bushes to tame them a bit. I so don't have a green thumb and pretty much just cut away hoping they'll make it and if not then I will replace them with something I can nurture from the very get go. Moving in at the end of fall sure leaves us to wonder what our yard has to offer for when everything takes off this spring. I know there are at least 6 areas that need to have some sort of boarder around them to define them better than they are now. Once again, have no clue what I'm doing but boy I'm going to have a blast figuring it all out. My girl friend and I were discussing a plant swap possibly from the things our yards have in them already to spread some love and some variety. What a great idea she go Christine! Roses, I have roses and have no clue what it's going to take all I know is I love to look at roses so I'll be googling that often. I'll also have to talk with the hubby and pick our place for our garden plot for this year. It will be our second year of gardening and we are going bigger this year in dirt size but not planting amount since we outgrew our plot size last year. Live and learn!
I think my big freezer in the garage might be warning me it's on it's last legs, so that will involve making some jam since I didn't quite complete that task last year with the moving and all. Oh shucks a day of jamming, what more of a boring way can I think of to wast my day.....NOT! Think I'm going to call my girl Christine over to join in and learn the fun of making your own jam. Colby and I created our own type/recipe of jam last year due to already starting everything to make jam and ending up not having all the ingredients we needed so we had to get creative and it is our favorite! We call it Raspberry Hawaiian Peach and we actually sat down together and submitted our recipe to Gooseberry Patch in hopes they will pick our recipe to share with thousands of others! We'll see! Gooseberry Patch cookbooks have become my new excitement in the kitchen. I bought my first book in February but had borrowed one from Christine before that so i had a jump start on many yummy recipes. We have made a bunch and I love how most of my kids get excited when I tell them "new recipe tonight", especially Colby.
Well, I've started to buy seed packets and I'm going to try something new this year, starting them inside early then moving them to the garden, also I want to try another new thing...a few flower bulbs. Lilies to be exact and maybe some gladiolas. We'll see though cause my eyes and imagination are way bigger than my wallet if you know what I mean. Buds are popping on the trees, birds are gracing me with a song every morning, little green sprouts are sprouting and my kids come in from playing, muddy. What signs are in your neck of the woods that SPRING is on it's way and springing quickly????

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