Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pioner Club Awards Night

Last night was our final Pioneer club award night. Madi was anticipating it for two days and was so worked up with excitement. Scooters were the first group up which is Madi and Autumn's class. After saying their memory verses (Psalms 119:105 and Ephisians 6:2) they were called up one by one to receive their awards. Madi was so excited that she skipped and jumped back to her spot in line and I almost thought she would yell how excited she was. I enjoyed being a helper in this class this year, it was fun and a great time to share with my girls.
Next up was the Voyagers which is Dakotah's class and the same went for them, memory verses and then awards. After them was the oldest group, the Pathfinders/Colby's calss. They also recited their memory verses then received their awards. The last few weeks this class was in the kitchen baking so they earned a baking award which Colby was looking forward to.
After a devotion from Brenda our youth cordinator we headed into our fellowship hall to snack on some yummy finger foods. In all it was a great evening and I enjoyed watching my kiddos receive the awards they work hard to earn.

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