Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sweet Sunday Surprise

As I am sitting on my couch watching football and hanging out on facebook, I look up and see Marlin strolling up the drive in his horse and buggy with his grand kids. We called Daisy in to make sure she didn't spook ol' Skip then we all headed out side to see what was up. Marlin brought us one of the pumpkins him and Linda grew in their garden and then offered the kids a ride. His grand kids climbed out to throw football with Rodney and my kids climed in. Off they went for a little stroll up to the church, around it and back home. Once they came home, they fed Skip a few of our apples and off back home they went. We have been absolutely blesses by our Heavenly Father with the community we were brought into 3 years ago. The people who have welcomed us from day one with open arms have become like family to us!

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