Friday, September 25, 2009

My ode to the fall season....

Ok, well I posted an early ode that was me being impatient. Now here is my ode and I am right in season!
Madi and I headed out side this afternoon to pull the corn stalks out of our garden and put them to their final use. As we headed out it started to rain but we weren't going to let that stop us.
The wind literally stopped just long enough to take a picture with the flag calmed down.
Here is Madi's try at may be a bit crooked, but this is the only one I was all the way in and her fingers weren't. Gotta love it when they want to do things themselves.
We had so much fun and I love this time of year. Today was one of theose chilly, windy, drizzly day where you love to smell warm smells, eat warm yummy food and make yummy fall treats like caramel apples.
A few weeks ago my anticipation to fall rubbed off on Colby and he asked me for caramel apples and I told him I would do it in the next few weeks for one of our "Friday Fabulous Desserts" (it's a little tradition we are staring). Well I as out hunting for cans of pumpkins and apple sauce at the grocery today and saw the bag of caramels and couldn't resist. Colby helped me make them and as soon as we are done eating dinner, we are headed into the fridge to pull them out and eat them. YUM!

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Melynda Hache' said...

He must love those as much as his Aunt Melynda!! I am way jealous!