Monday, July 27, 2009

My how does a garden grow when on vacation!

So while we were gone our garden grew! When I got on the plane I began to get excited about seeing my garden, never did I expect to come home and find what I did. I pulled out 1 big tomato and about 7 cherry tomatoes as well as..................
these crooked neck squash and look closely for Rodney's I Phone for size comparison.
That is gonna be a lot of zucchini bread, penne and roasted veggies and one new recipe.... stuffed zucchini. Again, look at the size comparison with the phone. I only weighed one and it was 5 lbs and then I measured the longest and it was 19 inches.

The broccoli was ready as well and oh my did it taste amazing, nothing like the broccoli you buy in the store! Bre doesn't like broccoli and she went back for seconds!
We also found 2 pumpkins about the size of a soft ball and our buttercup squashes are growing so much bigger (the size of a kick ball, just waiting for them to change from green to orange). We also found a bunch of corn hair where the corn is beginning to grow. Our bell pepper is bigger but still not ready.

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