Monday, June 22, 2009

More Garden Fun!

On Saturday Rodney and I took down the fence to the garden, climbed in, took a seat on the dirt amongst the plants and began our 4 hour journey of pulling out all the grass and weeds that had grown over the past month and were threatening our veggies. It was a great time! We talked a bunch (the kids played in the hose, so they kept themselves busy), laughed, cleared the garden out and were very productive and unfortunately got fried. You know when you tell your kids you need to put sunscreen on them before they play outside, but neglect to do so your self, theres a problem and that problem leaves you feeling like your skin is on fire for the next 3 days and prevents you from a good nights sleep. What were we thinking??????? Back to the garden....
Our corn is growing so much and Colby would be having a fit if he was home to watch it grow. Here you can actually see it now that the grass that was competing with it, is gone.
We have zucchini! This is the first one we found and this is actually 2 days after we found it. Now as of today, out of the 3 plants we have, there is 6 or 7 zucchinis.
Look, you can actually see the plants and the ground that rests in between the rows. If you look at previous posts, you will see the dramatic difference.
This little guy is a buttercup squash and before we took the fence down to get in, he had decided to poke one of his vines through a hole in the chicken wire. When we finished our weeding and put the fence back up, we poked him back through the way he wanted to be. It's amazing to watch this process and really it's amazing to work "side by side" so to speak with God in creating veggies. He provides such blessings to us in this home that we were lead to. Rodney and I talked about how hard it would be to ever have to leave it. Oh, and when we were done and we took a walk out to the blue berry bushes we found black raspberries right by our fruit trees that we never have seen there before. It's amazing and going to be so yummy!

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