Friday, June 19, 2009

Final Few Days of VBS

We wrapped up VBS last night and I have to say it was a really good week. Over the last few days we had a chance to visit the "Toga" shop and dress a few of the kids up. This was fun and so cute.
Mister Dakotah dressed as a Roman Soldier.
We also had a chance to go to the "Leather" shop and made some bracelets/anklets. Here is Miss Madi showing hers off.
One of our games was to pull a kid around on cardboard. I even had the chance to take a ride, it was the only way Madi would go. Here is Autumn enjoying what I think was one of many turns she snuck in.
Here is our family "Servius".
Winter and I enjoyed dressing our part most nights. We were tourists touring Rome, so why not right?! I have to say this was a great time. We had a big family and in all I think maybe the youngest family. There were moments of challenge, but that's life with kiddos. I enjoyed being Winter's helper as well! Having someone willing to goof like me and dress the way we did was so much of a blast, I would so do it again. I look forward to what next years VBS will be and all that Brenda (our new youth coordinator) has in store for us.

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Winter said...

it was an AWESOME week and so glad you were my partner in crime!!