Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day baby (not a baby any more!)

Due to having club on Tuesday and the fact that we normally will celebrate birthdays on a Saturday, we had Dakotah's party this past Saturday. Here is such a sweet daddy, decorating Dakotah's cake. Now normally we let them pick what they want us to decorate their cake like, but Dakotah didn't get a choice this year because we wanted to play a little joke on him. You see, Dakotah has been wanting a Nintendo DS for a VERY long time and so we decided to decorate his cake as a DS and give him his DS he has wanted so dearly.

So, he thought it was funny that his cake looked like a DS, but a bit bummed when we told him it was his DS he had been wanting. He corrected us and explained that it was a REAL DS he had wanted.

What little St. Patties kid doesn't deserve a cool green top hat as a party hat?!

Cool, a new Star Wars book from Colby and a DS game from Grammy Theresa and Grandpa Rob.... wait, now that means he has to ask and be so nice to Colby in hopes he will share his DS with him so he can play his game.

OOOh! A new transformer and one that is much more simple to transform than most of the ones we have.
Ok guys seriously, a DS case with game cases and more cool stuff, but Colby is never going to let me store his stuff in here.

More games too. UUUUH, these are cool but I know Colby isn't going to let me play all the time like I am going to want to. DRUM ROLL PLEASE...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH YEAH! The present I have been waiting for! What joy you get from watching your kid kind of flip out with a BIG smile because he actually got what he had been wanting so bad.
Well, today is his actual birthday and he will be getting a cool new quilt. It's very green, very St. Patrick's Dayish and has a dog on it that looks like his favorite stuffed dog. I will post a picture of it once I get the binding finished.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!!!!!

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