Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just Another Kid

It's been a year now since we have had Daisy and she is just a wonderful dog. She is perfect for us and we stand firm that God picked her out specifically for us. She is so sweet and such a joy to have in our family. Now I did say she was perfect for us, but I didn't say she was perfect. She seriously is just another kid. As soon as Rodney comes home, she circles him until he gives her some love, just like the kids. She wants to be outside playing with him all the time, just like the kids. (She is curled up here getting her nails done by Rodney and she fell asleep between his legs)

She leaves her toys every where and is constantly hungry, just like the kids. She chooses to ignore me when I am telling her to do something and will only really listen to dad, just like the kids. She tears up the yard and leaves her mess out there for dad to pick up, just like the kids. It is truly funny how much she reminds us of a kid and we just love her so much and really I couldn't see our family complete without her as a part of it.

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