Thursday, September 25, 2008

What has been up with those Culvers and a Crow???

Ok, I started this blog to keep people informed and give everyone a chance to enjoy my family. I figure I will bring you all up to date and I might as well just start with the end of August/ begining of September. We have two birthdays in September and Bre turned 12 (wow 1 more year and we will have a teenager).

Colby's birthday was next and I think it still hasn't really sunk in that he is 8! Are you serious? Isn't he still like 2??????!!!!!!

Dakotah, well he is finally getting those two front teeth he lost quite a while ago (Colby won't be seeing any more than the tip of one of them that is trying to come through, for a long time). We are in the growing process of attempting to have a "fohawk". It looked pretty cute this morning when Rodney did his hair before school.

Autumn has started her last year of preschool and is doing very well. We cut her hair (this was actually at the end of May/ begining of June) and donated it to Lock of Love. I did the same in April. She is constantly either singing or dancing around the house with a cute 2 year old following right behind.

Now there is Madi..... she seems to be doing what Colby did. "What is that?" you ask. Well, they were sweet as could be at two and then when three rolls around its a whole new story and it starts a few months before 3. No, with her new exerting of attitude, she did not get bopped! She was stung by something and it had a little bump under it until she woke up the next morning and WOW!!!!! It scared me. She didn't even want to lookin the mirror. This picture was taken 2 days after she was stung and I would say it didn't get back to normal until about 4 or 5 days later.

Pioneer Clubs started at church this past Tuesday and all the kids go except Madi and this year I am teaching the 3&4 graders. We are all excited and I think it will be a fantastic year. Rodney is working hard and starting to get to chopping some wood so we will be warm this winter. I am getting used to the schedule between school, football, church events and clubs as well as home. It sure seems busy this fall. The boys 1st game was last week and they kept the score tied 0-0 against a team that last year was a high scoring team and has mostly returners this year, unlike us that has 6 new (1st graders) kids. It is so much fun to watch the boys play & I look forward to tackle when Colby gets to 4th grade. I think that is the most of an update I have for the moment. Enjoy the pictures! We love you all!

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