Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our New Mini Van

Ok, so how excited are we? This is so cool to have a vehicle that we can all go somewhere together. No one knew we were really doing this except for my dad and Theresa. I know the idea has been out there and the want has been there for sooooo long, and we were talking about it about 2.5 weeks ago or so. Well, it kind of seemed to hard for us to really get into figuring out and all that right now, just like it has the last two times we have got motivated to try for one. We did what we always do and figured we can just keep going with what we have and manage. The idea wouldn't go away, it wouldn't stay quiet. God kept on knocking on our heads. Rodney one day called me with a really great deal on a van for us, we checked it out, checked it out some more and with in about 3 days (which is today) we got it. God had a van for us and a plan. I thank Him for it all!!! I also thank my dad and Theresa for being so kind in helping us out. The kids were so excited it was almost cooler than the van. I can't wait to save on gas as well!! We get to take it to it's first kid sporting event (boys flag football game)
orrow after church. It is so cool. I am actually a mini van mom. :)

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